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SilkeMat® SDS

SilkeMat® Rigidizer SDS

Clarity™ SDS


Using Stainless Steel Thread to Sew SilkeMat® Molds  just what you need to form complex molds. “Jellyfish” Drip Mold This is a “laser”version of the Drip (Jellyfish) Mold,made specifically in my kiln. SIMPLE VITRIGRAPH MOLD   An older video & I’ve learned better ways to make holes. WEB PAGES


GlasTile (Historical)


Phoenix GlassWorks

Always in My Heart


Rigidizing SilkeMat ®

Tutorial of Rigidizing SilkeMat® to make pot melt molds, vitrigraph molds, and permanent slumping molds.

These are older videos but good information

This is the first time I ever used a camcorder, so this video was not planned, nor is it the best quality. However, it contains some good information, so we let  it  ride!

Cutting Float Glass SILKEMAT® Instructions CLARITY™ Instructions INSTRUCTIONS SILKEMAT® RIGIDIZER Instructions

 Introduction to SilkeMat ®

What is SilkeMat®? How to use SilkeMat® for kiln carving molds and soft molds.

Float Glass Fusers

  SilkeMat® Tips & Techniques