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This is the first time I ever used a camcorder, so this video was not planned, nor is it the best quality. However, it contains some good information, so we let  it  ride!


Introduction to SilkeMat ®

What is SilkeMat? How to use SilkeMat for kiln carving molds and soft molds.

Rigidizing SilkeMat ®

Tutorial of Rigidizing SilkeMat to make pot melt molds, vitrigraph molds, and permanent slumping molds.


An overall presentation of the different molds that can be made.
These are older videos, but good information
Using Stainless Steel Thread to Sew SilkeMat® Molds just what you need to form complex molds.
Cutting Float Glass
This is a “laser”version of the Drip (Jellyfish) Mold, made specifically in my kiln.
Vitrigraph Mold   An older video & I’ve learned better ways to make holes.

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