Barbara J Cashman

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Welcome to our site. Featured here are products proprietary to our business.We have developed these products for safety, efficiency and economy. Glass Fusing made safe and easy.

SilkeMat® is a non-carcinogenic fiber blanket perfect for molding and as a firing surface (with preparation). We offer it by the square foot or roll. See MSDS for more information.

SilkeMat® Rigidizer is a non-flammatory hardener used for making pot melt molds and anything else you can think of using a fiber blanket.

bj’s Clarity™ is a borax-based devitrification solution for glasses prone to devitrify. It is a simple application with a foam brush. No special equipment needed to apply.

About Us

Barbara J Cashman has been a glass fuser since 1979 and was an early pioneer in commercial fused glass tile, opening GlasTile Inc in 1990, which produced quality handmade production and custom glass tile.   A creative problem-solver, Barbara was encouraged to find a safe, non-carcinogenic refractory product that the hobbyist and professional alike would be comfortable to use in their glass art processes. From there, we have added a special rigidizer for the refractory blanket and an easy-to-use devitrification solution for use on glasses prone to devitrify.

Barbara resides in Greensboro NC with her husband John O’Brien & presently, 6 furry “kids”: Samba, Tango, Jitterbug, Foxy Fluffy Butt, Misty & Cinnamon.